Details Of Cast & Crew

Sonali Kulkarni as Kiran

Actor, Anchor and above all else a multiple award winning Actor. Sonali has acted in 60 feature films in India and Europe, 21 critically acclaimed theatrical productions and a several TV productions. Quite simply, Sonali is one the finest actors in India today. Sonali naturally gravitates to stories with challenging characters and scripts that allow her to spot and explore those true moments good actor thirst for. Sonali sees genre, language and geography as artificial boundaries in the drive to perfect her craft. "I want to try new things and reach out to the whole world. I have worked hard to get here. I want to enjoy every moment of it."

Ajay Gehi as David

Ajay belongs to the world of the new Indian Cinema. He has played lead and other significant roles for the some of the biggest names in the industry - Vishaal Bhardwaj, Mani Ratnam and Ram Gopal Verma. “I loved this script. I loved my character. I had to do this film”.

Keval Katrodia as Aditya

Keval is a junior school student with a huge appetite for cricket, films and theatre. Thanks to this he has been cast in several TV commercials, TV serials and in as many as 7 feature films as of date. On screen, he has partnered some of the biggest celebrities and actors in the country, from Shah Rukh Khan to Juhi Chawla, from Saina Nehiwal to Shabana Azmi.

Shyamjibhai as Pappu

Shyamjibhai is a truck driver based in Kutch. He was born and brought up in a small village in Kutch. Shyamjibhai left school before completing the 6th grade. As a teenager he was a truck cleaner, and in the course of time graduated to driving his own truck. Today, he owns and operates his own truck. Shyamjibhai is married and is the father of three young girls. It took five months of extensive search, across the highways and small towns of Gujarat to find Shyamjibhai. Shyamjibhai is not entirely literate, has never seen a film in his life, and at the time of casting, had no concept of what a film production was. This, and his absolute willingness to be workshopped, has proved to be his greatest assets.

Priyank Upadhyay as Shaukat

Priyank is based in Ahmedabad. Priyank has participated in school and college level dramas and came to this film quite by accident. Like all other cast members, and in preparation for his role, Priyank subjected himself to extensive workshopping, and several stints of living and traveling as an “apprentice cleaner” on the highways of Kutch and Gujarat.

Poonam Kesar Singh as Poonam

Poonam lives in a small colony on the outskirts of Gujarat, Ahmedabad. This colony is known for underground prostitution, and is ostensibly shunned by the city’s conservative society. Poonam studies in a local vernacular school. She has had no theatrical training. Her presence in the film is the outcome of several months of searching the by lanes of Ahmedabad for a girl familiar with the world of the character’s story. Poonam is a close fit.

Rajat Dholakia: Music Director

Musician, composer, teacher … Rajat has scored over 250 plays and documentaries and 12 films. He has scored films for Ketan Mehta,Vinod Chopra,Sudhir Mishra ,Kamal Swarup, Mani Kaul among many others. Rajat Used local musicians and in close collaboration with Resul’s team recorded this music in situ, at the deserts of Kutch. The folk music of Kutch unfolded this story to me - Rajat Dholakia

Amitabha Singh: DP

Amitabha Singh Is a graduate of an eclectic mix Computer Science, Mathematics and of linguistics (Japanese), before graduating from the FTII. During the last 18 years, he has been Cinematographer over 2000 TV Commercials and documentaries, several shorts for TV and 7 full length and highly acclaimed feature films. Shooting the Kutch roads felt as if I owned them till infinity - Amitabha Singh

Resul Pookutty: Sound Mixer

Resul Pookutty is one of India’s most distinguished sound technicians. He has recorded, edited, engineered and designed more than 40 films. He is a visiting faculty at various film schools in India and abroad. He has recorded and released the first and only library of Indian sound effects called ‘The Essential Indian Sound Effects’. His autobiography - “The milky way of Sound”, published in his native Mallayalee language, is slated for an English Language release soon. Pookutty numerous awards include The Oscar for Danny Boyle’s ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, as well as BAFTA and the Cinema Audio Society awards for his seminal work on the same film. He is the recipient of the “The Padmashree” – the third highest civil honor in India.

Paresh Kamdar: Editor

Paresh Kamdar is an award winning film editor based in Mumbai. His most recent film, “'Miss Lovely' was premiered in the competetion section at Cannes, 2012. Paresh is also a highly acomplished director. His films - 'Tunnu Ki Tina' (1997), 'Johnny Johnny, Yes Papa! (2007)' and 'Khargosh' (2010). Khargosh have won critical accliam. Apart from film-making and editing, Kamdar also teaches as guest faculty in FTII, Pune, SRFTII, Kolkata, National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, Whistling Woods, Mumbai and Shristi in Bangalore.

Working on “The Good Road” was a wonderful and very intense experience. “I love the non-dramatic approach of story-telling. This helps in creating a very deep experience which lasts long after the film is over. The use of landscape is wonderful - from a realistic background it grows into a moving metaphor for the inner anxieties of the characters.”

Gyan Correa: Director

Gyan Correa studied film and direction at the Xavier’s Institute of communications. To date he has directed over 500 TV commercials and documentaries for India and near markets. His work straddles the worlds of advertising, NGOs and art, including some of India’s leading corporates, the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage, UNICEF and the UGC. As Agency Producer his work in TV include Satyajit Ray’s "Satyajit Ray Presents", Sridhar Kshrisagar's "Jugalbandhi", Kalpana Lajmi & Bhupen Hazarika's "Lohit Kinare". He has scripted and directed a game show, the JPL Adventure, for West, Central, and South East Asian telecast. Gyan has just begin work on his second feature film script, and is pursuing several documentary projects.


The National Film Development Corporation of India is a central agency established to encourage and promote good cinema. The primary goal of the NFDC is to plan, promote and organize an integrated and efficient development of the Indian film industry and foster excellence in cinema. Over the years NFDC has provided a wide range of services essential to the growth of Indian cinema. The NFDC (and its predecessor the Film Finance Corporation) has so far funded / produced over 300 films. These films, in various Indian languages, have been widely acclaimed and have won many national and international awards.