THE GOOD ROAD (Gujarati) by Gyan Correa

Kachchh, Gujarat. Three sets of people travel on a highway, cutting through the Banni, bordering the Rann. All are looking for something, but over the next twenty-four hours, will discover something altogether different, something new about themselves.


Director : Gyan Correa

Line Producer : Amitabha Singh | Film Gujarat

Producer : NFDC

Story/ Script/ Screenplay Writer : Gyan Correa

Director of Photography : Amitabha Singh

Music Director : Rajat Dholakia

Sound Design : Resul Pookutty


Sonali Kulkarni : Kiran

Master Keval Katrodia : Aditya

Shamji Dhana Kerasia : Pappu

Priyank Upadhyay : Shaukat

Miss Poonam Singh : Poonam


Pappu is a truck driver. He has to support his parents and extended family back home. Driving the highways just doesn’t pay enough. Now, Pappu has been presented a plan to raise a tidy sum of money. He is to surrender his vehicle to a gang of highway thieves. An accident will be staged. Pappu will “die”, the truck will go down a treacherous ghat in flames. Pappu is to undertake his last journey as a truck driver.

David and Kiran are from Mumbai. Kiran is a quiet corporate achiever, David is not. She is a pragmatic woman of action. He is a sweet, affable, woolly-headed eccentric. That their marriage has lasted these many years is in large part because it has never been tested. Theirs has been a world of surface skimming, and avoidance of conflict at all costs. With them on this highway is their 9-year-old son, Aditya. He is shy and withdrawn. He senses the inherent incompatibility of his parents. Tonight all three will be tested. Aditya will be accidentally separated from them during a brief halt at a Dhaba. David and kiran will learn of this several hours, and several hundred kilometers later. They must double back to find him.

Poonam is the 11-year old-year-old child of a prostitute from Mumbai. Her mother is dead and her “aunts” want her to join the profession. Poonam does not. She has turned to her grandmother, the only person she knows outside Mumbai’s red light district. But her grandmother lives in a distant village in Kutch. On the run, desperate and broke, Poonam unwisely stops at the Topaz. Later this night, when it is too late, Poonam will discover that the Topaz is not quite the place for her.

Aditya will be found by Jadeja, a dhaba owner, and put onto Pappu’s truck, to be delivered to the largest dhaba in the area. It is the presence of this little city boy on his truck, and the interactions that follow, that will force Pappu to fundamentally re-examine himself. And, has Aditya found a new, if wholly unlikely, home on this truck?

Poonam, at her weakest, will be confronted, forcefully, with the very same choices she is running away from. What way will this young girl turn?

And, what will become of the parents? David and Kiran, dazed and confused, despite their best intentions, will descend into a game of blame and accusation. Long hidden disappointments and unfulfilled promises will be out. And Pappu, looking for answers to balance his need with those of this little boy, will find a new strength and conviction within.


There are many Indias, each rooted in its own landscape - defined by unique, organic and differing cultural systems.

At the intersection of these many Indias, at a personal level, “The Good Road” takes shape.

To find the characters of my story I have travelled across India, and on her highways. And it is the bright colours and vibrancy of Highway India that forms the backdrop to my story.


Details Of Cast & Crew

Sonali Kulkarni as Kiran

Actor, Anchor and above all else a multiple award winning Actor. Sonali has acted in 60 feature films in India and Europe, 21 critically acclaimed theatrical productions and a several TV productions. Quite simply, Sonali is one the finest actors in India today. Sonali naturally gravitates to stories with challenging characters and scripts that allow her to spot and explore those true moments good actor thirst for. Sonali sees genre, language and geography as artificial boundaries in the drive to perfect her craft. "I want to try new things and reach out to the whole world. I have worked hard to get here. I want to enjoy every moment of it."

Ajay Gehi as David

Ajay belongs to the world of the new Indian Cinema. He has played lead and other significant roles for the some of the biggest names in the industry - Vishaal Bhardwaj, Mani Ratnam and Ram Gopal Verma. “I loved this script. I loved my character. I had to do this film”.

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