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Gujarat, on the western coast of India, has a distinct charishma and glory. The history of Gujarat is an illustrious one. Books written during modern times have been dependent on derivations from old manuscripts, folk-lore, stone inscriptions , metal-plates, coins and ancient literature. The contemporary history of Gujarat dates back to the last stages of fourth century B.C. The history of human culture prior to that period begins with the stone age. Gujarat finds mention in ancient historical artifacts. The history of Gujarat encompasses the Indus Valley civilization, replete with the mementos and associated artifacts of the ancient civilization. About 50 Harappan settlement ruins were discovered in Gujarat.

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Gujarat comprises several different ethnic groups and tribes, including the nomadic Ahirs, shepherd community of the Garasia Jats, the craftsmen of the Meghwal tribe and the vibrant colourful Rabadis who trace their roots to Afghanistan and Sind. There are 290 distinct communities in Gujarat. And interestingly, as many as 206 of these are immigrants from neighbouring Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Maharashtra - and even overseas!

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Situated on the west coast of India between 20-6' N to 24-42' N north latitude and 68-10'E to 74-28'E east longitude, Gujarat is India's one of most industrialized states. Gujarat has geographical area of 196,024 sq km and accounts for 6.19 percent of the total area of the country. It is bounded by the Arabian Sea in the West, by the States of Rajasthan in the North and North-East, by Madhya Pradesh in the East and by Maharashtra in the South and South East.

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